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Wednesday, 24 April 2024
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The International Film Award “East – West. The Golden Arch”

The International Film Award “East – West. The Golden Arch” is a prize for film achievements and is given to the best films produced in the countries of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.


The Award Ceremony will be held in Moscow in the first half of April of 2018.


The Award is established by the International Confederation of the Filmmakers Unions, supported by the «Alexander Gorchakov» Public Diplomacy Fund, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation, «Roskino».




Eurasia - the largest continent on the planet – is the cradle of ancient civilizations and cultures. To this time, they continue to evolve intensively. Hence, the focal point of our interest is that area as a whole. An entity, which always has and still exists geographically and historically in the gap between Europe and Asia. That expanse where the multinational cinema of the former Soviet Union was formed, as well as the brilliant cinemas of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.


Even now, in the new political environment, this area retains features of its historical mentality and that explosive energy which is born at the junction of traditions and cultures. It is the genesis of amazing artistic achievements and discoveries.


Film Award “East-West. Golden arch" seeks to encourage and promote these discoveries, to draw attention to compelling artistic processes, which take place here and which are often overshadowed by more commercial, predominantly English-language cinema. We want every distinct and authentic voice coming from this territory to be heard.


We know that there are many prestigious movie awards in Europe and Asia. Our award is not set to compete and is open to cooperation. We also understand that developing our project properly and achieving a respectable image requires time and much effort. Please consider this first attempt as a pilot. In the future, we plan to improve and fine-tune the procedure of the Award as needed.